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Letterland Complete Social Media Bundle

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You've seen it online, now it is your chance to purchase the Complete Social Media Bundle!

This mega bundle is suitable for children 3+, and is filled with resources to help children learn how to read, spell & write. Learn about the Letterlanders and their letter sounds in words, practice handwriting skills, and even blend the letter sounds together to form words!

Learning happens all day, everyday! To see more about this bundle, click on the "Collabs" highlight on our Instagram page here.

Bundle contains the following items:

  1. Learn to Read & Write – A Parent’s Guide
  2. My Alphabet Storybooks
  3. ABC
  4. Beyond ABC
  5. Far Beyond ABC
  6. Phonics Touch & Trace
  7. Phonics Activity Book 1
  8. Phonics Activity Book 2
  9. Phonics Activity Book 3
  10. Phonics Activity Book 4
  11. Phonics Activity Book 5
  12. Phonics Activity Book 6
  13. Handwriting Practice 1
  14. Interactive Handwriting Practice
  15. Interactive Handwriting Flashcards
  16. Who’s Hiding?
  17. My First Dictionary
  18. My First Phonics Flashcards
  19. Magnetic Letters
  20. Letterland Phonics Readers Level 1

*Limited sets only*