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Letterland Extended Learning Bundle

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As part of supporting parents and children in their learning at home, this curated bundle is suitable for families with children aged between 4 to 6 years old. Read about the stories of these Letterlanders, and learn about the different spelling patterns in the English Language. This bundle includes the bestselling ABC Trilogy and Flip Flap Phonics 2 to help children read with confidence and fluency.

To include more flexibility in this selection, you can now choose the 5th item of your choice to meet the learning needs of your child! Different options available now:

Option 1: Interactive Handwriting Flashcards
Option 2: Flip Flap Phonics 2
Option 3: Flip Flap Story Maker
Option 4: Letter Sound Cards


Additional materials that you can purchase to compliment this bundle include:
(All products are to be purchased separately)

  1. Phonics Activity Book 1
  2. Phonics Activity Book 2
  3. Phonics Activity Book 3
  4. Phonics Activity Book 4
  5. Phonics Activity Book 5
  6. Phonics Activity Book 6
  7. My First Phonics Activity Book
  8. My Second Phonics Activity Book
  9. Flip Flap Phonics
  10. Flip Flap Phonics 2
  11. Flip Flap Story Maker
  12. Letter Sound Cards


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